We strive to enhance our residents’ quality of life so that families and friends can have peace of mind, often at a uniquely difficult time, in fast-changing and complex situations.

The KYN Household

Our priority is to enhance the lives of everyone who calls KYN their home, and to maintain and even exceed the quality of life that such discerning individuals and their families are accustomed to. We not only provide clinical excellence, but a positive, enriching, and uplifting environment where residents have as much autonomy as they wish and their individual choices, independence, and maturity are respected.

This unique approach to care means every floor has a small number of households: a modest number of like-minded residents, all of whom have their own bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms, with a shared private lounge to enjoy together, as well as the many communal areas.

The benefits of a cosy, familiar environment with this smaller group of people are immediately recognisable; the opportunity for companionship and meaningful relationships is not only life-affirming but is proven to have a positive influence both physically and psychologically.

Before each resident joins us, we take the time to understand their personality as well as their individual needs – a nuanced, two-way process that is continuously adapted and improved throughout their stay. We then create a bespoke care plan and assign each resident a dedicated nurse, head carer, and support staff who share their interests and can take care of them like family, supporting as and when required or just being on hand to anticipate their needs before they arise.

From your home to ours, the household system’s focused attention and knowledge of each resident’s character and medical profile enables KYN to deliver the highest standards of care.

Exquisite Care With Love

Care at KYN


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