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KYN closely collaborate with experienced partners to design a new generation of senior care buildings that feel timeless and appropriate to place, with landscape design sensitive to the local area.

We select easily accessible, elegant neighbourhoods and create beautifully designed, comfortable, and safe environments that ensure an uplifting and cheerful atmosphere for residents, visitors, and staff.

KYN is the home where family and friends genuinely look forward to spending time together. We invite you to visit us to experience the authentic warmth of KYN.

KYN Bickley

Set in the charming Greater London borough of Bromley, KYN Bickley is a straightforward half-hour drive or 45-minute train ride away from Charing Cross station.

This luxury care home occupies a neo-classical building designed as a warm and welcoming space with 86 superbly comfortable private bedrooms; elegant shared rooms for dining and reclining; and inviting outdoor terraces overlooking landscaped gardens bordered by woodland.

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KYN Hurlingham

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Neighbouring the prestigious Hurlingham Club along the eastern side of Hurlingham Park, KYN Hurlingham is a Grade II listed building, sympathetically restored to its former glory as a landmark building within the local area.

Originally built as a ‘Ragged School’ in 1855, the building has previously served as a school and youth club, and now as a KYN care home, the existing heritage and fabric is retained and enhanced, while modernisation and an extension to the rear regenerate the site. 


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