Residential Dementia Care

We understand that a person’s experience of dementia is as individual and unique as they are. While a dementia diagnosis can mean a greater need for care, our focus is also on supporting our residents’ emotional wellbeing; helping them to maintain their identity and dignity; and enabling a continued engagement with their family. We do this by offering choice, respect, minimising medicinal intervention, and placing the emphasis on research-led care.

We provide our residents living with dementia with calm, enriching environments, in areas designed specifically for their needs with dedicated social spaces, outside terraces, and sensory gardens. We partner with leading research institutions at the forefront of dementia research to continuously develop our individualised service based on the latest best-practice and innovation.

We promise to honour our residents as unique individuals; to embrace the person they were and the person they are today. 

Let's talk about Dementia

The use of negative language, in care settings and wider society, to describe people living with dementia has been widely discussed since Kitwood wrote his 1997 seminal text on dementia[1]. Much has been done in recent years to raise awareness about terms such as ‘challenging behaviour’, and use instead positive language. To ensure that all residents living with dementia are treated in a way that ensures their dignity, KYN commissioned Innovations in Dementia (iD) to collaborate with people living with dementia to create a comprehensive good practice guide on the words and images that are acceptable when talking about and writing about people living with dementia. These good practice guidelines are a vital resource for professionals working in the field of dementia care as well as for family and friends.  We believe that encouraging inclusivity and understand begins with the language we use.  By collaborating with people living with dementia, we are taking an essential step toward ensuring that our communication is respectful and supportive. We are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those living with dementia.  Lets keep the conversation going and make a difference together.
[1] Kitwood, T. (1997) Dementia Reconsidered: The Person First, Jessica Kingsley Press, London.


Innovations in Dementia (iD) is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). People with dementia are at the heart and start of all our work. We support them to live with hope and keep control of their lives.  ( Innovations in Dementia (iD) also facilitate DEEP, the UK Network of Dementia Voices (, which comprises around 80 involvement and peer support groups.