Enhanced Care

Our homes reflect the very latest therapeutic approaches and clinical insights in providing care, from advanced care-planning technology to acoustic monitoring systems to ensure secure sleeping, the most pioneering and innovative developments are subtly embedded in the comforts of home.   The needs of elderly people can be complex, and many require very specific nursing or memory care, but we know we can influence and improve outcomes by investing in every aspect of an individual’s unique journey.  By creating a culture of transparency with continual learning, feedback, modification, and improvement, we can provide the very highest standards of care and consideration to our residents and their families.

The Family Portal

Family and friends can stay in touch as often as they can and be involved with every aspect of their relative’s wellbeing on our family portal. Whether you visit by phone, tablet, or computer, you can see which meals have been chosen and activities enjoyed, as well as receiving instantaneous updates on a resident’s health and medication.  
Continual communication is one of our founding principles and, in addition to visits in person, our portal facilitates real-time, two-way communication between residents and their families, as well as encouraging regular communication and feedback with our nursing, management and leadership teams.  
Feedback from our residents and their families is invaluable to KYN and our open and transparent culture enables us to learn and grow as we deliver upon our mission: To provide exquisite care with love.

Sleeping Safe and Sound

Our night-time monitoring system employs the latest artificial intelligence and machine-learning to identify the tiniest disruption or changes to breathing patterns and will instantly alert our care team to check in on our residents, typically before they have even stirred, to ensure their safety throughout the night.  
Additional thermal-imaging technology provides privacy and independence by monitoring each resident’s bedroom and alerting carers to any movement while automatically illuminating a pathway to assist with navigation and reduce any risk of injury.  
Our technology not only enhances standards of care so that teams are instantly alerted when assistance may be required and can act before incidents occur, but it provides detailed insights into our residents’ health and wellbeing, enabling us to proactively adapt their personalised care plans at any given moment.